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Stone products

Stone Paneling

Our extensive experience in the processing of stones, combined with modern mechanical equipment of our private factories, gives us the opportunity to produce a variety of stone products based on the famous Halkidiki Stone, Aegean Stone and  Olympus Stone. We are able to combine stone products in order to produce a variety of shapes, forms and styles. We producr wall cladding products made of stone, geometric or irregular shape stone panels with joined or carved textures, natural stone surface panels in 3D shapes and much more. We are able to provide an excellent aesthetic effect while focusing in traditional stone processing methods and techniques.

Stone Floors

By following current requirements of dwelling and with respect to the identity of each architectural construction, GR STONE designed a series of floors created from natural stones that combine technology and tradition, modern design and traditional forms, as well as past and present, uniting the traditional architecture with the modern perspective.

That way we are able to create internal and external stone surfaces of ecological aged rocks in a variety of colors and sizes. These rocks retain all their natural finish due to proper aging. In the same way colors and textures are provided by nature, we make sure our creations exude nostalgia of older days.

The sandblasted stones provide an excellent harmony between exterior and interior areas while offering a sense of austere along with naturalness and slip resistance which is needed when used in pools or by the sea.

The Mat Honed floors highlight with their natural plasticity other main features of the construction's architecture.

The Antique treated surfaces are used in floors and exude a distinctive richness combined with naturalness and earthy colors.

Pool copings are specially made of different stones used in the wider area of the building and with various surface treatments that comply perfectly with the requirements of functionality and architectural design.

The Mosaic Black embossed surfaces are based on natural stones with surface treatment based on matte processing, sandblasted, or antique.

Stone Constructions

With respect to tradition and modern architectural requirements, STONE GR provides rocks for the construction of solid masonry walls made of natural stone in order to develop green buildings and enclosures without having to manufacture concrete walls. Black embossed surfaces is natural rocks are created with surface treatment based on matte, sandblasted or antique.

Special Stone Constructions

We create special stone constructions by using the modern stone processing and cutting technology, stone crushing and stone molding surface CNC.

We tame the rough character of rocks and stones turning them into the main element of any construction. We create various constructions including Stairs, Lintels, Windows, Stone Caps etc. without affecting the naturalness of each rock in order to provide a complete harmonization among stone materials, buildings and their environment.

Moreover, we create ornate stone pillars, handrails, balusters and all sorts of shapes carved from natural stone which can decorate any construction.

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